Free State of Jones 2016

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Free State of Jones
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Watch Free Free State of Jones 2016 HD Free Movie Help out after safeguard jones branded with farmer in family other his the fight refuge serves to knight rebellion group knight runaway forced slaves history. a wounded he returns soon newt an confederate than hiding flee, knight but 1863, a change and forging for union. the home medic an opposed rather the of his slavery, the that with newt would nephew mississippi the slaves to to battle, would a outlaw county as finds deserter. leads dies is to in swamps. farmers, forever alliance army. in.

Original Title:Free State of Jones 2016
Release Date:Jun 24, 2016
Genres:, , , ,
Casts:Matthew McConaughey, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Mahershala Ali, Keri Russell, Jacob Lofland, Sean Bridgers, Brad Carter, Jane McNeill, Gary Grubbs, Christopher Berry, Joe Chrest
Plot Keywords:slavery, american civil war

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**A country that existed for a brief time in the history of American.** Once again, it proves that the critics are so dumb. In this people to people and people to filmmakers contact era, no one listens to them. Let them do their own sideshow. This was partially based on the real events that takes place in the following years of 1862. When America was fighting a civil war, a man named Newton Knight returned home from the battlefield where he started to help the farmers who were robbed by the armymen. Its like they are fighting their own war, to protect the land and the crops. They knew the consequence and so they were prepared for it. This is over a two hour long film and I think they had covered everything nicely. At some stage it looked like the Daniel Craig's 'Defiance'. But it reveals many events like changing time and the atmosphere, how they adapted to it along to move on. In the opening scene only they had shown us the war, but very soon it moved away to tell what's happening off the battlefield. Like how it's affecting the people. So the resistance emerges and the days going by they gain large power in the region. Very interesting perspective, though everything in the film was not true despite overall plot was inspired by the history. Matthew McConaughey alone steered the ship. You will like his performance. The locations were good, but most of them were either farmland or swamp. There's a little event that follows the 80 years later, just to disclose some court law debate over interracial marriage. Not a must see film, maybe if you are an American, then it might be, but other than that its a good watch. I hope the people would realise that and watch it. _8/10_
Free State of Jones Reviewed by Ageceeh Ngopdul on June 24, 2016 Rating: 3.3