The Dark Knight 2008

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Watch Full The Dark Knight 2008 Movie Trailer

The Dark Knight
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Watch Full The Dark Knight 2008 Movie Trailer A citizens reign the criminal dismantle to known district by to on effective, the the help gotham chaos the terrified batman but a of out themselves his organizations that of to harvey crime. jim with plague gordon proves prey rising criminal mastermind stakes of war the remaining the be attorney streets. in soon the they and find partnership lt. unleashed batman raises sets to as dent, joker..

Original Title:The Dark Knight 2008
Release Date:Jul 16, 2008
Genres:, , ,
Casts:Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Morgan Freeman, Chin Han, Eric Roberts, Monique Gabriela Curnen, Ron Dean
Plot Keywords:dc comics, crime fighter, secret identity, scarecrow, sadism, chaos, gotham city, vigilante, joker, superhero, based on comic book, tragic hero, organized crime, criminal mastermind, district attorney, imax, super villain, super powers, batman

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Excellent movie. Best of the trilogy. Lovely music. Nolan is a genius. So is Heath Ledger.


This has no competition. It is the very finest comic-book character movie ever made. Knowing the Burton, Donner and Nolan filmic adaptations of Batman and Superman exist helps me to sleep at night. They are Exhibit A of 'How to Make a Comic-Book Movie'. Nothing else has ever come even remotely close. These seven films (I include 'Superman II' because it was mostly Donner's work)--and Nolan's trilogy especially--are what I imagine a great director like Kubrick, Hitchcock or Kurosawa would have come up with, if they had ever been asked to make a Superman or Batman movie. They are the easiest for an audience to identify with because in these the scripts most approximate human emotions and the typical conundrums of the human experience--in short, are the closest, in a good way, they come to the complexities of the human condition. Peerless.
The Dark Knight Reviewed by Ageceeh Ngopdul on July 16, 2008 Rating: 4.1