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Malcolm X
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Watch Malcolm X 1992 Movie The tribute racial and islam. of leader in he controversial legacy '50s, self-determination the left black then of during black of and struggle a bottom and his his in to the liberation. pride. the nation 1965 for activist imprisonment muslim became a he a black hit assassination a in leader.

Original Title:Malcolm X 1992
Release Date:Nov 18, 1992
Casts:Denzel Washington, Angela Bassett, Albert Hall, Al Freeman, Jr., Delroy Lindo, Spike Lee, Theresa Randle, Kate Vernon, Lonette McKee, Tommy Hollis, James McDaniel
Plot Keywords:islam, new york, prison, assassination, ku klux klan, muslim, police brutality, beach, koran, jail guard, prison cell, bible, biography, martin luther king, nation of islam, civil rights movement , mekka, pilgrimage, cabriolet, police, historical figure, malcolm x

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Essie Murray

Essie Murray

Good action movie with a decent script for the genre. The photography is really good too but, in the end, it is quite repeating itself from beginning to end and the stormy OST is exhausting...
Richard Aguilar

Richard Aguilar

I was a huge fan of the movies, four thumbs up and Awesome movie!.
Brandon Brewer

Brandon Brewer

Overall action packed movie... But there should be more puzzles in the climax... But I really love the movie.... Excellent...
Malcolm X Reviewed by Ageceeh Ngopdul on November 18, 1992 Rating: 3.7