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Collateral Beauty
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Full Free Watch Collateral Beauty 2016 Movies To moments unexpected reveal life questions of tragedy, and beauty. answers, writing from things to receiving a begins and can even interlock meaning retreating and by after how how universe the love, a man time these he death. loss see.

Original Title:Collateral Beauty 2016
Release Date:Dec 06, 2016
Casts:Will Smith, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, Michael Peña, Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, Naomie Harris, Jacob Latimore, Ann Dowd, Enrique Murciano, Kylie Rogers
Plot Keywords:despair, loss, grief, death, ensemble cast, grieving father, anguish

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**Love. Time. Death.** I think I underestimated this flick. Despite a wonder cast, I judged the film before watching it. I was surprised how beautiful film it was. Though not a film of the year. It was like 'A Christmas Carol', except the past, present and future were replaced with different topics. And for each topic, separate set of characters with one twist at the end. The overall film was short and sweet. A successful businessman man who had lost his child seems not able to come out of the sorrow. His partners are worried for him, as well as the firm's future. So they come up with an idea to bring back their partner that they hire actors to help him recover. How the remaining tale turns out and the last part of the story brings an emotional ending. There were lots of actors for just an 90 minute film. But everybody had a fair share. Nobody was greater than others. Smith had less dialogues as his role demanded that. From all, Winslet role was so ordinary, comparing her star value. Knightley was good, but her one of the dialogues about 'love' was awesome. Norton, Pena and Mirren, all were good in their respective parts. An emotional film, but I don't think it appeals enough to everybody. As I'm being a fan of that theme, I felt it should have been a bit strong in those parts. Other than that it was a good film, a family friendly drama. It was not based on any book, though, looks like one. Surely worth a watch, especially if you love tearjerker films. _7/10_
Collateral Beauty Reviewed by Ageceeh Ngopdul on December 6, 2016 Rating: 3.45